Traci Fields Photography: Blog en-us (C) Traci Fields Photography (Traci Fields Photography) Wed, 21 Mar 2018 16:47:00 GMT Wed, 21 Mar 2018 16:47:00 GMT Traci Fields Photography: Blog 120 120 Mommy & Me Session- Katy Texas Family Photographer I know it has been forever since you last heard from me but I often get here and feel like I don't know what to say. I wonder what you want to hear from me. I always hope to bring the rambling to a minimum. I'm obviously best behind the camera. That is what I love to do and what I feel I am best at.

I really enjoyed this fabulous session with this sweet family. They are some of the sweetest people I have ever met. I swear I think they wake up looking like this. 

Mom & Me SessionMom & Me Session with Traci Fields Photography


I am told all the time " I need to get photos of us done, we don't have any". Or "it's been so many years". If not NOW, when? When are you going to stop to make the time for this? When is it going to be the time where you put you and your family's memories first.

This is a mini session so it isn't taking up a huge part of your day. Come out and experience this time with your children. They will thank you and love the images of you all together when they get older. For this very reason is why I became a photographer. To capture the moments that matter. I want to be your story teller. Tell me how? Contact me to book your session today. The shoot is $200 for 5 high resolution digital images. April 29th around sunset.

Boho Mom & MeBoho Mom & Me  

Gorgeous Flower dress by Belle & Kai. Photo shoot in the lovely "Katy" area. All photos copyright by "Traci Fields Photography". Come visit me in my Brand New Studio in "Old Katy". If you would like to book this session contact me at | Till the next post I hope to see or hear from you soon.


Traci Fields


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Senior Portraits are important. Let me tell you why. Hi all.


It's me your favorite spunky Katy photographer. Here we are in the middle of June and it is already so hot outside. You would think we would be used to this living in Texas but ever year it sneaks up on us and we feel like we can't handle it. Oh Texas why do you have to be so hot?

Anyway let me tell you about something I love about being a photographer. It is to showcase each client I have to tell their story. Why is that important? Because it is. Telling your story is my job. My work. My life work. I want to tell your story and share it with everyone you know. Senior portrait sessions are perfect for just that very reason. Being a Senior and graduating from High School is a major accomplishment and should be treated as such. Mark the accomplishment with telling your loved ones about you. What you like out of life. Where you might be going after high school. Or just to get to know you more. I love to take my clients to places that will reflect their personality and they will enjoy it. 

Absolutely love the colors of this location. We had a great time and I think it shows.

Laughter and fun are a great part of a senior session. It's an absolute must. It's the time to showcase you and rock it out.  I find great spots where we can capture awesome photos and memories. It is a unique spot just for you. Because you are unique and so should your session be. I hope you have enjoyed these great photos of a fabulous senior session I did recently. Please contact me early to get yours done. It's never to early. Thank you for listening to me ramble. 

Traci Fields 

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Katy Photographer | Sometimes you have to face the Big ole Bad Wolf........ Well hello to the one or two of you that read my blog post lol. I find it terribly hard to sit down and write about my photos. I feel it is hard to describe my thoughts and feelings about them. But as usual here goes my mumbling and tumbling through this blog post. As a little girl I loved to read and hear about the different fairy tales and wondered what it would like to be apart of the story. Was there away that the story was actually real? If the story isn't real then who made it up? Yes I was that kid. I like most had lots of questions to ask but I needed answers.

As a "photographer" I feel like it is very artistic and somewhat healing to have ideas in your head that you make come to life in your photos. This is exactly what I did here. I said to myself to find a young brunette girl that reminded me of myself when I was a little girl and have her recreate the scene for me as I photograph it. As my mind comes to get this together I think Ummm Hello.... We must have a wolf in this story/shoot. The whole reason to recreate this story is to tell the story through photos. You can show a story and images of a wolf without one. So obviously I couldn't go out and danger the life of my sweet model and myself for photos. So the next best thing is to find something that looks like a wolf. So my sweet friend comes to mind that has a husky dog and she looks exactly like what I envisioned for the shoot. So everything came together and I think looks great!! Did you have a favorite fairy tale as a child? Please tell me in the comments.

A big thank you to LittleMsRetro for the uber cute Satin red bow.  You can find her @ . The Cute Outfit was made by  |  If you want to give my page a like please do | thank you for reading. "Traci Fields Photography" |


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Big Boots to fill | Katy Child Photographer So I find myself not really sure what I want to say in this blog post. Or maybe it is I am unsure what to say or how to say it. So sit tight and let the words and photos tell the story.

There is this sparkle in a youngsters eyes when they see a Hero. A police officer, Firefighter the ones that are dressed up and ready to take on the task of each day. The ones your parents told you about when you are out and about in town, watching a movie, or even being personally assisted by one. The person running into dangerous situations to help people while others are running away. That's the look of twinkle in their eye when they look at these local hero's. When they are young some of them say that want to be a police officer or firefighter some day. Well we certainly would love each and everyone to live out their dream.

So why I am saying all of this? Because while the world is in distress these little ones still need to know that these hero's are there for them. A very sweet and loving boy came on out to the fire station to meet me to get his picture taken. The exciting part was that it was at a fire station with REAL firefighters. Oh the look and beam of joy. Of excitement of getting to touch and see everything he could swiftly get to first. Oh the lights, the sounds and the feeling of excitement that was felt at that moment. His face lit up, he had pep in his step and was on a mission to talk to all of the firefighters that would talk to him. Was he excited about the big, huge, enormous red truck? Yes he was. But I think the whole experience of talking with the fire fighters and putting their gear on was probably his favorite part. Why?? Because in that moment he was seeing what it would be like to be a fire fighter.

As I love photographing children and it makes me so happy. People ask me all the time what is it that I enjoy about it. My response is I love it. I love to capture the innocence in a child. I love to see them smile. I love to capture the moments of a child that will once be looked at with joy. Another BIG reason is because they make me laugh. Children have no filter and just really say what they want. It makes me laugh and I enjoy that they are just able to be themselves. As a Child photographer in Katy I hope you come out and join us for this fun Hero session that I have going on in August. But in general I hope you reach out to me to have me capture the special moments of your child's life.  So please don't judge me on my writing lol. I'm a photographer. A picture taker and that is what I do best. Thank you for reading and enjoy these photos. Hope they make you smile too. 

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Chamba | Katy Texas Family Photographer Meet sweet Chamba. He is a sweet an loving Boxer who is 8.5 years old and has lived the life of a spoiled dog. Just as every dog should. He is a very sweet and loving boy that is known for his love of his blue frisbee. He loves it when his mom takes him out to the park to go and play with his friends and fly through the air to catch his frisbee.    

Chamba is a sweet boxer that loves his mom, his frisbee and will claim his fur-brother Ollie on occasion. While he has many friends and fans at the dog park no one will ever be better than his momma.

Chamba is a rescue dog that was saved by the Houston Boxer Rescue and his mom was lucky enough to have adopted him. In rescue we sometimes say at times "Who rescued who". Meaning sometimes we set out to rescue them and luckly they rescue us as well. You have that connection so well that you don't know what you did without them. It's like they were meant to be a part of your family all along. Each day they leave a little bit of their paw print on your heart each and everyday. I am very thankful Chamba's mom reached out to me to capture these special moments of them together so she can have these memories for a lifetime.  Oh Chamba your look, your wiggle, thanks for the love we will always remember you. 

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A New Firefighter In Town You know that saying about boys and their toys. Well for some little boys that never changes. Some grow up to become the men that they idolized as a child. A Army man, Police man, or a Fireman. I don't see a single problem with that. Men and woman they grown up to serve for their country and city are some of the best kind of people. Why is this so important to me, why do I know so much about this? Because my husband is a my hero. He is a fireman. I am very proud of him and the things he does to help others. With that being said lets get back to the New Firefighter in town. I decided I wanted to host Firefighter mini sessions to let the children of our community get the experience of a firefighter.

I was not prepared for the amount of cuteness that would arrive that day. These boys were here and ready and just too cute. To see the look of awe in each of their little faces was priceless. The ran around the bay of the fire station with wide eyes and huge smiles. They were so excited they didn't know what they wanted to check out first. It was sensory overload for them and us pesky adults also wanted them to look at us and smile. Silly adults.

As each kid came for their session they got to come and chat with my husband the firefighter and ask him all kinds of questions. After that each child was loaded up in fire gear. They wore the pants and helmet. Most of them the helmet weighted more that they did. But they were sure to hold it up the best they could to see and be excited. The laughs and laughs as they tried to walk around in that heavy gear was priceless. Mr Tim took them all around the different areas of the fire truck and answered all of the questions they had and us pesky adults asked for a look, a glance or a smile.  I'm not sure what was the funnest part of the day but they sure did like ringing that bell. 

I was very thankful for each child and family that came out that day. Thankful for the donation to make to the fire department. But even more excited for a child to feel like what it is like to be a hero. That maybe one day they might go into the service to protect and serve others. 

With that being said please make sure you have a fire plan in place for your home in case of a fire and practice it so children know what to do. I thank each one of you for coming out and a extra big thank you to my husband for being there to answer all of the questions these little ones had.  Please let me know if you are interested in a session like this for your child.


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Simply Magical Ever have those moments as a parent that we want our children to stay little forever? That it would be so awesome to just freeze time so they don't get any older? We can enjoy and have them little forever. I too understand and wish I could turn back the clock when my now 15 year old almost 16 would be my little one again. I think the age I enjoyed the most was when he was about 4 or 5. I love how he would look up at me with his curly hair and give me hugs. I was not a photographer when he was little and now he never wants me to take photos of him because he is too cool or doesn't want me posting photos of him on my facebook. This is another reason why I have decided as a photographer I want to specialize in child photography. I love the cute smiles and expressions children have. I love to capture the innocence of a child. I would love to capture the special moments of your child.


 I have decided I would like to offer styled sessions for children. So I am excited to introduce to you "Simply Magical". Simply Magical is a session filled with vintage inspired gowns straight from Australia, glitter and fun. I have handpicked beautiful dresses for your child to wear at the session. Along with headpieces for her to wear during the session. Your child will be covered in beautiful clothing while she swings on a swing. After I capture these lovely images we will end the session with a splash of pink glitter. No need to turn back the clock to remember these moments as they will be preserved for ever and handed down to your child to remember as they are older. 

  I am looking forward to capturing these special moments for you and your family. Please contact me today if you would like to book as these spots are limited and a special LIMITED EDITION SESSION ONLY. For those of you that have boys I have a fabulous session for them too. I'm actually very excited about it and will be posting more info about it this week. Here are the details of the session. The first 2 people that book will get a big discount. The price will be $280 for the session instead of $350. That is a savings of $70.00. You get this lovely session and prints from a professional lab to enjoy for a lifetime. 


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Telling The Story  A couple weeks ago I went to the museum of fine arts here in Houston. It was literally the first time I visited a museum and I really didn't know what to expect. I thought it would be boring but thought well what do I have to loose. Go check it out, so I did. I was unaware of all of the rules the museum had and if you know me I broke a few. Not on purpose but I did make that beeping alert go off a couple of times. OOPS, my bad. I walked around the museum to get a better sense of light and shadows on paintings to learn what to be on the look for when I am photographing. Most of the exhibits were cool, some were boring. But what really caught my attention was this exhibit that was about photography. You would think this is obviously something I would be interested in and yes I sure was. It was an exhibit of high school aged children that took photos of things that stood out to them, things that were important to them. I found myself amazed. Intrigued as to how amazing, simple and artistic these images were. But honestly what really caught my attention was the story's that they wrote to describe,represent their photo. As a photographer I had that wow, ah ha moment. Actually it was a very profund moment for me. So many times I take pictures of events, my clients or because something catches my eye. But what happens after I take that photo? Does my photo tell the events or reasons why I took the picture in the first place? NO, it doesn't. My goal is to tell the story of why this photo was taken. What does it mean to me. What caught my attention that I took this photo and what I was thinking when I took it.

I'm not great about writing or blogging as you may have noticed. I may not always spell everything correct or not use run-on sentences but I will share THE STORY with you. Be patient, be kind. Please let me tell YOUR STORY through the images we create together. It's important not just for now but for your children and family in the future. 




Traci Fields

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{Summer Blog } Summer means so many different things to different people. But for me Summer means, shorts, flip flops, vacation, and ice cream. Who doesn't love those things? Living here in Texas I feel like flip flops are apart of my everyday wardrobe anyway. Summer means the kids are out of school for vacation and they are home eating and drinking everything out of the fridge. Ok maybe that statement is because I am a mom but really it still a true statement.

For our summer vacation this year I drug my family out to Disney World in Florida. We walked, talked, got sweaty, and laughed. We had a great time spending time together away from everything. Disney is a place where you can just be a kid and relax or go full steam ahead to try to get it all in. I myself really just enjoyed being away with my family. I enjoyed hearing the laughter and excitement my son had after we got off a fast ride. I will always enjoy and remember these times.

So I would love to know what you have done for the summer. Feel free to drop me a few lines after readying this to let me know what you are your family have been up too. The remainder of the summer I plan on spending as much quality time I can squeeze in with my son and taking pictures. Taking and capturing the images of my clients make me so happy and proud. SO happy to know that you have entrusted in me this time in your life to capture these moments that will last a lifetime. 

Sooooo.......with that being said I want to make a note that I will be up to may different sessions this summer but one session that totally screams summer to me is the SUMMER session I have coming up July 12th. It will be at the candy shoppe in Fulshear Texas. It has lots of great colors to make for great fun images. Come out and see me I would love to take your picture. Cerys-Dale-593Cerys-Dale-593

These are some of the photo's I took here of this precious girl. I hope you enjoy them and give me a chance to take some great fun images of you and your little ones.

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Catch Me While You Can I'm Traci Fields a wife, mom and Local "Katy Photographer". This is my first blog post and as you can tell if you stick around with me I'm not much of a writer. he he. I'm much more so I hope you continue this journey with me.

So a little about me. I'm a mom to a 14yr old. Yes I need therapy lol. I'm married to a fireman. To others I'm the spunky, quirky photographer that most of you all know. I'm a free spirit and want to love and experience life. I want for each photo session I have to be fun and not stuffy. i have all of these crazy ideas in my head for photo shoots so therefore I love convincing my clients to go along with them. Why??? Because it is fun, and I like to be creative. Life is meant to be filled with fun, joy and laughter.

So back to me, because this post is supposed to be about me to introduce myself you that don't know me right? lol I make my own self laugh. I may be in a town with several other photographers but I'm unique and different. I will promise to devote as much time as I can with you and on your session to make it exactly like you want it. I may have a crazy fun filled life but I will always make time for my family, friends and clients. I was born and raised in Galveston Texas.I love to do shoot there as the back drop of the beach is amazing. This location makes for a perfect setting for family photo's or any for that matter.


Well enough about me for now. I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little about me. The other post will be about my photography. About you, my clients. If you have any questions or would like to book a session feel free to call me 832-464-4387 or email me If you find me out and about in Katy make sure to say hello.



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